L2 OvC Interlude Factions Server

Open beta phase started!

We hope you will enjoy the factions PvP gameplay we offer.
Please remmember this is a beta period, any bug should be reported on our forum bug reports section!
This is also a good chance for you to get to know all the server's features before the grand open goes on!
The open beta length depends on how many issues will be found, if no critical issues will be found within 2-3 days then the open beta period will end and a grand opening date will be announced.

L2 OvC Staff.

A new season rises

Those who have followed us since the last season on facebook, have probably noticed that we're preparing alot of changes for the new season.
Its been around 3 months since the last season ended and we are here to announced that we are prepared for a new, long term season with many many new features and changes!
We intend to start an open beta phase really soon, if everything will go well, the offical launch will occour shortly afterwards, so stay turned!

L2 Order VS Chaos: Promo Movie